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Best Practices Delivered specializes in making good habits part of a healthy lifestyle and business plan.

Whether your company is large or just a start-up, there are policies, procedures and activities that keep you in control. My expertise guides you through establishing a working business plan as well as a healthy lifestyle.  How do you make it all happen? It's not a secret, it just takes practice.  I can show you how.

It has taken a few decades of successful business development work and some bumps in the road to develop my special skill set.

A few bumps include being hit by two drunk drivers and a texter not watching the road.  Yes, it took time to heal-several times, lots of strenous workouts, and a determined spirit to regain control of my life.  Key people and best practices has allowed me to relaunch my business and regain my health.  I will share my plan with you and help you get back on track. Business owners need a solid plan to follow as well as some guidance through challenging times.  The motto at our house is "Never Quit".

So, let's design a plan together to jump start your business bigger and better than ever and make you and your family healthier---all at once.

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Business Plans      Marketing Plans     Training      Editing    Lifestyle Plan  

FREE Resume assistance for Veterans.           

Hourly or Project Pricing.

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