Build Referrals

Generating Referrals through Relationship Marketing is another Best Practice.

Following up and keeping in touch with clients  will become easier.

To generate more referrals from current clients and prospective clients

  • keep your contact manager up to date.
  • send birthday cards.
  • after getting a referral, send a Thank You card.
  • send a gift to mark a special occasion in minutes.
  • treat your special clients like they are special.
  • send an appreciation note after a sale.
  • include a Starbucks card to the prospect who is dodging you.
  • send a card with a video link to a smart phone to play a video!

To see what I use go to: http://www.socreferral.com/funnotes

OR, take the survey on the next page.  Check your score after the survey to see how well your current plan is working!