Build Referrals

Your practices, habits and behaviors will determine success. So, let's add some best practices to your Business Plan.

What activies do you practice every day that will make you more sucessful? 

In your Business Plan, do you have a policy as to when you should communicate with a valued or potential client?

How do you say thank you?

Communicating is a "best practice behavior". Every business needs to communicate with clients, patients and employees.  Exchanging and updating information keeps everyone informed and working towards a single goal.  There is a system you can use which is inexpensive and will be remembered.

Here are two industry giants who make it a habit to write to employees:  

"The most powerful way to emotionally connect with another person is to WRITE a handwritten note or send a greeting card to (their) spouses or significant others telling them what a difference their partner is making to your business". Jim Welch, LeadershipFuelNow, LLC; Pittsburgh Post-Gazette 6/17/2008. Author of Grow Now: 8 Essential Steps to Flex your Leadership Muscles.

How do you express appreciation?

"The power of the "unexpected" is to treat employees like family, write them, care about them..."         John Welch, Jr, Past CEO GE, on MSNB  "Morning Joe" June 18, 2008.

So, are you ready to write?   Maybe, you don't have much time.....or budget? i can help with making it quick and inexpensive. 

Week 19 in The 29% Solution, by Michele Donovan, she recommends SendOutCards.So, if you want to improve your skills maybe you should read the book and follow some good advice.

How do you stay "top of mind" with your customers?

Obviously, written communication is important, so is your time and budget. I have the perfect solution. Send Out Cards.

If you want to strengthen business relationships, increase referrals and build a winning business, you need to call me today to get started with my client communication and referral building system. Try the system I use http://www.soclink.com/funnotes   Send a card for free; on me.  Get started with a good practice to help your business grow.

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