Build Referrals

Answer: 1. Strongly Disagree      2. Disagree       3. Agree      4. Strongly Agree     to the folowing:

_____Do you think e-mail is being misused as a communication tool?

_____Do you receive an excessive amount of e-mail?

_____Do you think your clients receive an excessive amount of email?

_____ Frustrated searching for creative ways to stay ahead of the competition?

_____Troubled you do not have a cost effective client appreciation and retention system?

_____ Worried you have fallen off the radar & lost opportunities because of poor followup?

_____ Struggling to maintain "top of mind"  status with networking partners?

_____Ever switched jobs and been unable to take along contacts for your best clients?

_____Open to "out of the box" ideas and efficiences to generate more business referrals?

If your score is 20 or higher, you have a problem.  I have a solution.  

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